Know Your 10-Yard Dumpster

A dumpster with full of garbage

A dumpster rental service in OKC is great for homeowners. It is often proved as a good choice for a seasonal clean up like yard cleaning at springtime, roof replacements or moving dirt and debris. Though, many homeowners are still unsure whether their clean-up will all fit in a 10-yard rental dumpster.

How Big is the Dumpster - Really?

To know the size and space of a dumpster you can take a typical kitchen oven as a reference. A standard oven takes the space of about a cubic yard. Imagine ten ovens lined up against each other in a 2 by 5 oven rectangle. Any 10-yard rental dumpster will accommodate this space. Mostly, this size fits in a standard driveway well; still, it is large enough for holding trash produced in a household cleaning project.

A dumpster with full of garbage

Is The 10-Yard Sized Dumpster Good for My Project?

Generally, homeowners hire a 10-yard rental dumpster rental for a couple specific purposes: smallish jobs and heavy junk. Usually, a small-sized dumpster is the best suited for disposing of heavy debris like dirt, concrete or roofing shingles. Additionally, the 10-yard size dumpster is a perfect fit for small scale cleaning jobs like an attic or basement where items are not too bulky. If you are not sure, give a call to our dumpster rental service experts in OKC.

Other uses of a dumpster are dirt removal, disposing of concrete, cleaning up attic, basement, and garage or non-heavy household cleaning like springtime cleaning, yard cleaning, and small tile or carpet jobs.

If you are still in doubt about the right dumpster size, it is better to choose a larger size, so that you can avoid any overage charge or multiple pick-ups.

Come to On Call Junk Haul for a dumpster rental service in OKC. Reach us before you start your next home cleaning or remodeling project.