Quick Tips on Junk Removal

Dumpsters with full of junk

We have found that many homes in OKC need to remove old furniture or other junk from their place. We're not judging, don't worry. One of the main reasons why we are not called upon for junk removal in OKC is simply that it is difficult for people to let go of items which they once loved. For help choosing what to keep and what not, read this article:

Take Adequate Time

It is a sure-fire way to burn out trying to clear out everything in your home on one swoop. It will make your stuff look like much more of a job than it would be to sit down for more than an hour at a time. Make a schedule of the days when you will be cleaning up during a few weeks. Then, divide the sections you will address on those dates into your garage, basement, bedroom or whatever space is required.

Either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

Many people see their junk, saying "Well, someday maybe I need it again." Don't let any of your items stick with a "maybe." Usually, it is either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. When people are wishy-washy, they end up with much more stuff than they need. Don't concern yourself with letting go of some older items, which you will find are mostly unwanted anyway.

Garage Sale

Garage Sale

It can be an excellent motivator to help you get rid of items if you've had the patience to have a garage sale. If you have anything in pretty good shape, somebody else will probably pay you for it! When you sort the old stuff, you can see these items as a chance to make cash. When you plan to sell unnecessary items for a holiday, it may motivate you all the more.


Anything that isn't sold can be donated if it’s still in fair condition. Once you have chosen to let go of something at a garage sale, if it doesn’t sell, don't just take back inside. Donate your items to a charity of your choice. This is an excellent way for needy people to use clothes, books, DVD's, and other small articles that are still in good condition. As far as larger furnishings are concerned, there is always space for large items in good condition. Perhaps you would like to call your charity pick-up and ask if you can donate it first.

Remove Junk

If you have old furniture and other items damaged beyond the point of sale or donation, and just can't donate some items; it is time to call On Call Junk Haul’s junk removal professionals in OKC. We are pleased to remove all your unnecessary stuff and help you free yourself from clutter. Schedule your pick-up today!