What Do You Need to Know about Dumpster to Dispose of Shingles?


There is still work to be accomplished once you have closed the final strip of shingles. Remove the ancient shingles from the roof can be a chore. The correct roll-off dump can be useful. The main aspects of renting a dumpster for shingle roofing projects are addressed here.

Type of Roofing Shingle

Not all shingles on the roof have the same quality and appearance, rather than just the same. The two primary kinds of shingles are 3-tab asphalt shingles and shingles in architectural style. You have one or the other most probably.

3-tab shingles

This is a more traditional shingle that many households can find. This is a cheaper alternative. It is also a rather lightweight shingle and therefore it's simpler than premium shingles to remain under the dumpster rental company's weight limit.

Architectural shingles

This is a newer type of shingle that makes the roofs look more "premium." Be aware that these shingles are heavy compared with the basic three-tab shingles. If this is the kind of shingles you have. Make sure that these shingles do not underestimate their weights — overhead costs can rise quite rapidly.

Debris Weight Calculation

Disposing shingle roof debris may be difficult to estimate the correct dumpster. Shingle roofs can get very loud, but a 10-yard dumpster could manage between 4000 and 6000 lbs. For this reason, a dumpster larger than 10 meters will be required to manage 20sq shingle roof scrap.

A roof shingle of 1 sq. can weigh from 250 to 400 lbs. And that relies on the shingles type as well. A square equals 100 sq when calculating roofing. Ft (meaning 10 ftx 10 ft as well).  On this basis, the weight of a complete 20 sq. was calculated. Up to 8000 lbs can be on the roof. Some roll off dumpster rental suppliers in OKC can supply a 10-yard dumpster that is capable of handling up to 4000 lbs to verify the weight per dumpster size.

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