Dumpster Rental or DIY Junk Hauling?

dumpster rental

Cleaning up can be a big task after a home project alone. There are a lot of the wastes left with even relatively small jobs: an old microwave or a computer may weigh a lot more than you think of.

Living at OKC, either you can go for dumpster rental to remove this waste or go to full DIY and dump it. Use the following comparisons to determine the most useful option for your project.

Renting a Dumpster Vs. DIY Hauling

We have three categories to start with the comparison. You may look at the performance of both options under each category, and it will help you understand the better for your need.

Hauling Capacity: You can select from a variety of sizes that typically range from 4,000 to 16,000 pounds for a dumpster rental in OKC.

For junk hauling, a pick-up truck can usually transport 1,000 pounds.

Convenience: As you work, fill your dumpster whenever you wish. Keep up to seven days or more with the dumpster.

You have to take a break from work to the dump the junk. Note that during the operating hours of your site you need to make your trips.

Amount of Work: Arrange at the same time all the debris. You can rent more than one dumpster for over 16,000 pounds of debris.

You have to make several trips to the dump for hauling a 1,000 pounds of waste.

You might still be wondering why you go for a dumpster rental in OKC? Why can’t you carry your waste? Here, you should consider these factors before you plan to carry waste yourself.

How far are you from the nearest disposal?

This might interfere with time constraints on your job if you have a way to travel. Time to go back and forth might be spent on more productive projects. You can take 4 to 5 trips to landfill with material that can fit one major dumpster.

How much money are you going to save? Is it worth your time?

Before you take the task of transporting waste, these are two things that are time and money you really should consider.

Is your truck or trailer big enough to handle all you need?

Don't underestimate your load's weight. If your truck isn't large enough to fit everything in one trip, you'll take several journeys to the site.

What are your local waste transportation regulations?

Check for limitations and laws that might affect what you are planning for transport.

If you have only one or two cargo trucks to get rid of, do not care about to do more than one trip and be comfortable with the total disposal costs not knowing in advance. It's a good idea to carry trash to the dump itself. However, in OKC a dumpster rental can save you time and effort in any project with more than a few pick-up trucks loaded with debris and give you the peace of mind of understanding the final cost in advance.

If you are convinced, we at On Call Junk Haul are here to help you with our affordable dumpster rental service in OKC. Call us and get rid of tiresome junk hauling.