Common Mistakes of Junk Removal

junk dumpster

Only when we have a certain need like a building, demolition, or home improvement project is a dumpster rented. Some individuals do not know the procedure and how the correct dumping unit for their project is to be determined. Therefore, they create many errors that could cost time and money to correct.

This article has been created to prevent our possible clients from making a costly error when they have to rent a dumpster. Make yourself comfortable and write down key points to assist you in renting a dumpster whenever you want for junk removal in OKC.

Too Small of a Dumpster

Most individuals make a mistakes by renting a dumpster smaller than they need. This could be attributable to the price or underestimation of their project waste.

In some cases, you can produce more waste than you expected, so you could hire another dumpster and incurring more costs. Therefore, you need to hire a bigger volume dumpster for your project. Moreover, renting a larger dumpster for junk removal in OKC is cheaper than having two for a given project.

Improper Dumpster Placement

Some homeowners propose an idle place for their dumpsters to be delivered. You may end up having a disruptive bin if you don't work with a business like On Call Junk Haul, and that could cause lots of difficulties.

Moreover, you have to be certain not to block the entrance to your selected place,  or mailboxes. Try to remove every item to get the delivery truck into and out easily.

You must, therefore, choose a flat region that does not hinder the dumpster in your premises, or you can call us for tricks and suggestions on how to find the ideal place for your dumpster.

Hazardous Material

Almost anything can be thrown into a dumpster, but some exceptions exist. Moreover, a large one is dangerous materials.

  • No household cleaning chemicals or pesticides, engine oil or petrol

  • No propane, batteries, old paint, bulbs, pneumatic or aerosol cans

  • No propane tanks

Check the constraints in your region with your local municipality, then dispose of the products correctly.

Property Damage

Think ahead again. What is your most popular path to and from your dumpster during your clean-out project? Make sure your precious flower bed or your freshly planted lawn is not going to be trampled.

Contact On Call Junk Haul for a rental dumpster for junk removal in OKC.