A Complete Guide to Your Roll-off Dumpster

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You plan a project which you know will produce a considerable amount of waste. How are you going to get rid of it? It is not possible to depend upon your regular trash disposal service for transport because of the amount of waste that you will produce, so the only alternative is to hire a waste disposal company.

The easiest way is to rent a dumpster. A few factors make it the right choice: it's economical; you can often get service on the same day; your company will drop off where it fits your project best; it will pick it up and ship its waste in a scheduled manner.

Dumpster Size

What size of dumpster, one of the first questions people have about rental dumpsters. After explaining your project to the pros, a reputable dumpster provider should be able to recommend the right size. In planning your project, take this into account:

6 Yard dumpster – This is one of the smallest units that can be obtained. It can deal with up to 3,000 pounds of waste and is ideal for small cleanouts and small projects, including light landscape.

10 Yard Dumpster - For short-term projects such as light renovations, garage cleaning and transport of brick, tile, concrete and dirt, a 10-yard dumpster is a solid solution. These dumpsters can generally be 14 feet in length and have ten cubic yards or three loads of a normal pick-up truck.

15 Yard Dumpster - A 15-yard roll off dumpster in OKC is a versatile dumpster that can be used for many clean-up and remodeling projects for those that have a slightly higher amount of waste.

20 Yard Dumpster - A 20-yard dumpster is a standard option to dispose of garbage for homeowners and contractors. The size makes them suitable for medium-sized projects, e.g., old furniture removal, or uninstalling the flooring from your house.

30 Yard dumpster – 18-ft measurement by 8-ft, it's one of the biggest roll-off dumpsters in OKC you will find. This unit is suitable for big rehabilitation and demolition projects like tearing down a small garage or sheds, entire home windows/cleaning stations or whole house cleanouts. This unit handles 10,000 pounds of debris.

40 Yard Dumpster - A 40-yard dumpster is your solution if no other trash hauler can do the work. With a longer and larger frame and height, 40-yard waste dumpsters are ideal for long term refurbishment, commercial large - scale construction, disaster cleanup, and complete demolition of buildings.


What Shouldn't You Throw in Dumpster?

Mattresses and box springs - These types of items are not placed in roll off dumpsters in most towns and regions. Instructions for putting them on a sidewalk and making pickup arrangements are usually available.

Batteries - Batteries usually contain strong acid and lead, particularly car batteries, which may be highly caustic and dangerous. Batteries should always be carefully disposed of.

Railroad Ties - Rail ties are generally wood processed by creosote - a harmful chemical which can leach into the soil. If you need rail ties disposed of, please contact the municipality and see where you can take them.

Wood - Most waste wood is usually treated, and it can be harmful. In particular areas of dumping all wood products such as old fences, sheds, porches, etc. should be disposed of. To discuss your options, contact the local municipality or a waste disposal expert.

Motor Oil - Most municipalities have specific motor oil drop - off points. Make sure you have yours properly disposed!

Paint, stain, varnish and similar products - Hazardous chemicals can are included in these types of products and must be carefully disposed of.

Ink and resin - These items may not be permitted in your dumpster by your local municipal regulations. The print and toner cartridges from printers are also included.

Contaminated materials - These are materials that have come into contact with and can carry a pathogen with human or animal bodily fluids.

Flammable equipment - Tanks propane, acid or petrol, and adhesives that could catch fire or explode.

Dispose of household waste in your regular garbage via the collection from your curbside.

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