Attic Junk Cleaning Tips


The average attic is full of odds, ends and other items which seem to be gathering dust for years. It could be time for a clean-up if you are planning a move, tend to lose things or actually need to use your attic. Many people avoid this terrible task because you are dealing with years of clutter. However, please do not panic; we have fortunately given a few tips for cleaning this space that can help. Please read to find out more.

Cleaning Tips

First, make sure that every item is stored. Three piles will then be created: keep, donate/sell, and garbage. Please note that in any room of the house this tip is the general clean-out rule. Be honest about what you need to go forward. It should probably be thrown out or given away if you haven't used something in 3 years.

The most difficult type of item to throw away is sentimental. Believe it or not, a picture of a thing can satisfy that sentimental itch, even without having to hold on to it.

Next, rent a junk removal company in OKC. You're left with your donating/selling stack and throw away the stack once you've cleaned out and everything is in piles. Of course, you don't want to maintain this, but the quantity of things is hard to move right now.

Junk Identification

Many things can easily be identified like old and unused clothes or old boxes of junk you forget. One good way to sort your things is to find similar items and pick only one that you want and get rid of the others. After that, put it in a cardboard box, in a trash bag or a rented bin and put the rest back to make your house clean. Ensure that the pile is placed in a separate location and your junk removal company in OKC can easily collect it.

Recyclable junks and recycle logo

Identify Recyclable Items

For many, this can be a stop. They not only have to sort the junk from the keepers, but they also need to determine the recycling needs from the waste heap. One advantage is to know that both waste and recyclables can be taken away by a household waste company, even renting a separate dumpster. If you have old appliances or other big items, they should be properly recycled or disposed of using a junk removal company. Washer & dryer, stove & cooler, water heater, air conditioner units, treadmills and more can be included in the items.

Identify Easy-to-Donate Items

You can sell or donate things if you have cleared your home for most of your junk but still have old electronics, a dusty guitar, or violin that will never play. This task should be left to the last. You can also offer your guitar for sale online or give it to a friend or a music school.

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