Dumpster Rental for Yard Cleanup in Summer

junks on yard

Spring's here and everyone loves a lovely barbecue, pool parties or just relaxing - mainly when it is clean. Spring is here! Householders, renters, and others like to hang out for barbecues and parties in the backyard, and it’s just fine. However, it is not nice to find the backyard area untouched, overgrown, or worse - covered by old junk, garden equipment, and remaining building scrap.

Enjoying Backyard Space

The majority of suburban homes have yards; some are large, and some are small. Many of them have a patio, and some might have a deck, even if it is a small concrete plate. If you live in the country, your "backyard" is probably the place where your house's back meets with pasture or land! Most people wish to spend a certain amount of time in their yard doing anything other than mowing, weeding or letting your pet potty, whatever the size and amenities it may or may not have. Do not despair when your backyard is less than thrilling and does not have much to brag about. We have rounded up some ideas to make it more enjoyable.

Outdoor Furniture

A coherent set of outdoor furniture is a must if you plan for entertainment. To find the perfect pieces if you don't want to pay the price of new outside equipment, tackle local flea markets and yard sales.

Outdoor Lights

There's no need to look for cheap and frilly outdoor lighting. When done correctly, some decorative outside lights can add a fun style to your backyard.


If you don't have one or more of them, if you spend much time outside, a patio is a necessary place. It provides a space for entertaining guests and creates an outdoor furniture space.

Clean up Bags May Not Work

Many neighborhoods have some form of garden waste collection, but strict limits make a great landscape project difficult. Therefore, you can hire a trash hauling service in Oklahoma City.

You can place anything in a trash hauling truck or dumpster rental except hazardous waste. Many local waste services, by contrast, do not allow you to blend leaves and rocks.

Tree limbs and branches can't fit in lawn bags. You can throw bulky waste away with dumpsters or trucks without issue.

Lawn bags get massive, hard to carry, or ripped apart. Much better than loading these bags, thorny waste can be thrown into the dumpster or trash hauling truck.

Why wait for collecting on special days? Plan your yard clean-up project with a convenient truck appointment or a dumpster rental instead of being forced to wait weeks or longer.


Dumpster Rental from Trash Hauling in Oklahoma City

You do not have to lift or throw heavy debris into our trucks or dumpster rental given their easy access. Only one adult with capacity is needed to load it. Also, you don't have to bag it all, simply fill the dumpster with all your yard waste:

  • Debris

  • Soil and sod

  • Tree wastes like leaves, branches

  • Broken fencing

  • Outdoor furniture

Call us in Oklahoma City for trash hauling; we would love to help you decide on the right dumpster and removal in the right way.