Roll off Dumpster – Why Is It Necessary?

Roll Off Dumpster

An open-top dumpster is a residential and industrial waste container that is used for home clean-ups or building work and demolition projects. A roll-off dumpster with special design is supplied and collected as required by the client.

Cost of a Roll-off Dumpster in OKC

Our flat price bundles your rental period, collection, delivery, and taxes at one low price. This makes it easy to dispose of debris within your project budget. We can assist you in determining the local cost of renting a dumpster, which depends on several factors, including location, debris type, debris amount, period of rental service, and dumpster size.

What Size Dumpster Do You Need?

For your project, it is important to choose the right container. How big the container should be will depend on how much and what kinds of debris you throw away. We’ll help you choose the right size for your job, but here are the most common dumpster sizes available here. “CY” is cubic yards:

10 CY: It is perfect for attic or garage and smaller constructions.   

15 CY: This is for small demolition projects and debris removal.

20 CY: This is for one or two room cleaning or renovations.

30 CY: For bigger projects like estate cleanout, home remodeling or demotion, etc.

40 CY: For heavier debris or larger scale demolition or construction.



Efficient - If you are using a dumpster on site, you can work on the job without interrupting the work to drive the waste away. We work with you at On Call Junk Haul to select from our entire range of dumping services. We make sure that you get a proper container, whether you need a smaller bin for minor work, a 40-yard dumpster for a big job or a size between them.

Safety - You're not going to have to worry about storing or carrying heavy or sharp debris away. Do not worry about broken glass, nails, or wood splinters. A single container protects the other people who pass through the site and avoids dangers for you and your workers. Regardless of your size, our solidly built dumpsters keep everything contained until it is removed. Hire our roll off dumpster in OKC for ultimate safety to your property.

Versatile - Throw it all into a dumpster, everyday waste and broken furniture, old tools and large parts of the roof. Old coverings, clamps, branches and other debris can take up a lot of room and look awful when they are stacked on the ground. You have a container to hold it with a dumpster.

Protection to Property - If you pile waste on the curb or the project site, you and your employees might get hurt. This is not a problem with a dumpster. Just bring all the junk into the container and store it until the project has been completed.

Compliance - We possess the industry knowledge necessary to dispose your garbage according to all regulations and laws, with years of experience in commercial waste disposal or recycling in an environmentally responsible manner. And avoiding multiple trips with smaller loads so the job means less emissions.

Come to On Call Junk Haul for roll off dumpster rental in OKC to dispose of your debris of your remodeling project.